Comprehensive Coronavirus Research and Development Program

Novel Therapeutic

Research Institution

Columbia University


Several research groups at Columbia University Irving Medical Center and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences have projects underway to:​

  • Develop drugs to help prevent infection in healthy people and to help those who have been infected and are ill,
  • develop faster diagnostic tests to help identify people who have been infected,
  • and gain an understanding how long the virus lives on surfaces such as eating utensils, door knobs, furniture, clothing.‍

Brii Biosciences and Columbia University have entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to fund research activities towards the prevention and cure of coronaviruses including COVID-19.

The two entities will use their research and expertise to identify and develop antiviral drugs and antibodies against COVID-19. Brii will provide funding to the university in the form of an unrestricted grant to carry out the research.

Research Team

David D. Ho
Professor of Medicine
Columbia University

Project Details

Funding Sources

NIH, Jack Ma

Project Phases

Planned Time to Trials

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