InVent Automated Emergency Ventilator (AEV) project

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Duke University


Our team has a prototype of a low-cost, easy-to-use ventilator that is optimized for emergency and mass casualty scenarios. The team is led by Glenn W Laub, MD: a cardiac surgeon and former-CEO/founder of Defibtech LLC, where he brought a novel line of AEDs and other resuscitation devices to market.

Almost 18 months ago, we recognized that mechanical ventilatory support would be a critically required treatment modality in many emergency situations, and have already spent 12 months working on a prototype for this specific use case.

The unit is designed to include the most frequently used modes of ventilatory support, including AC, SIMV, and PEEP. The device requires minimal training to set up and use, and despite this was developed to be manufactured for less than $250/unit.

We're currently looking for funding in the immediate-term for an early production build of our life-sustaining ventilatory technology for COVID-19.

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Project Phases

  1. R&D prototyping completed
  2. Secured initial supply chain for key components
  3. Must acquire funding to finalize prototype and deliver an early production build of our life-sustaining ventilatory device for COVID-19
  4. Must hire GUI Designer / Engineer

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