A New Era of
Drug Development

Molecule is a collaborative platform where stakeholders in drug development work together to accelerate the process of bringing novel therapeutics to patients.

We connect leading researchers to investors by turning intellectual property and data into liquid assets.

How our platform connects biopharma research to funding

Academic Researchers

Struggle to get global visibility and feedback from potential investors

Often see their valuable early-stage research go undeveloped and discovery of breakthrough therapeutics slowed down

Have very limited access to investors outside of big pharma and limited knowledge about opportunities in web3

The Molecule Platform

Offers access to global co-development, licensing and investment opportunities

Brings liquidity to a formerly illiquid asset class by tokenizing early stage IP and its associated research projects

Lowers risk through fractionalizing of IP, support in due diligence and creation of special purpose vehicles

Biopharma Investors

Want to align financial interests with supporting development of breakthrough therapeutics

Require support with due diligence and pricing of intellectual property

Want to hedge risk through building portfolios of investments in areas of interest.


Get Access To Funding For Your Therapeutics Research.

List your research projects and engage with potential investors to secure funding for your drug development efforts. Get in touch to learn more about new opportunities for direct investment in your data, work and IP.

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Fund the Next Therapeutics Breakthrough in an Area of your Interest

Find pre-screened projects and IP attached to NFTs, liquid and transferable. Discover opportunities on our platform and invest in biopharma researchers and their work. Draw from our experience in the creation of a dedicated DAO for your area of interest.

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We believe the future of life science research is driven by open, liquid markets for intellectual property powered by web3 technology.

Launching the first biopharma DAO powered by Molecule

VitaDAO is a decentralized organization funding early stage longevity research. Molecule supports the cause by providing access to suitable tokenized projects. We invite your to learn more about this exciting opportunity and support the fight against age-related diseases and expand human health-span.

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More Longevity X Blockchain:

Watch the AMA with Aubrey de Grey and Vitalik Buterin hosted by VitaDAO

The Molecule Tech Stack

Decentralized Finance and Fractional IP

Our long-term goal is to decentralize ownership, financing and governance processes within drug development. To achieve this, we are pioneering approaches to fractional and decentralized IP and data ownership.

Making IP natively digital by attaching ownership and distributing it as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).
Creating liquid IP markets via autonomous algorithmic market makers and decentralised finance.
Developing decentralized governance frameworks to bring together biopharma research and investment.
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Connect your therapeutics with the world and access funding.

Molecule helps bring therapeutics to patients by uniting scientists, funders and industry. We fractionalise your IP to create incentives for development.
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Decentralising Drug Development

Molecule allows researchers, universities, and companies to promote their projects to a global investor audience. The platform encourages researchers to list the details of their projects, specify the commercial opportunity, and upload key data assets, while creating a bridge to Web3.0.

Molecule enables active drug development using a variety of Web3-enabled financing and governance structures. IP can be moved into web3 -based financing and governance structures using NFTs, which can then be fractionalised, sold, or bundled with other assets for financing.

These structures mirror virtual biopharma companies that consist of various global stakeholders, funders and researchers. Our decentralised financing layer is built on a modular open stack, utilising a variety of DeFi and governance components, as well as legal frameworks.

The Molecule Ecosystem

Molecule accelerates early-stage therapeutics by uniting patients, scientists, investors, and industry on a cohesive, Web3.0 platform for decentralised drug development. .

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