COVID-19 Announcement: We are compiling a directory of researchers that develop therapeutics in the fight against COVID-19. You can find the most recent list of projects here. If you are working on a treatment yourself, get in touch, tell us what you are working on and let us find the best funding partners for you.

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Publish your research project and get access to our network of private investors and industry partners that will help you advance your drug development efforts.

Molecule connects scientists with the funding needed for successful therapeutics development.

Make Your Funding Needs Visible

Publish your research project and funding needs on our platform and gain increased visibility on your therapeutic innovations.

Connect With Private Funders

Tap into our network of institutional investors and find the best partners to help you advance your research.

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Work on your innovation and let our experts take care of legal complexities, such as company formation and funding negotiations.

For Academic Researchers

Are you working on a discovery in therapeutics development that has commercial potential and need additional funding? Apply for funding and let us help with translating your research.

For University Spin-Offs

Have you recently founded your own company to develop your novel therapeutic and need funding and commercialization expertise? Apply for funding and bring your treatment closer to patients.

For Biotech Companies

Are you working on a novel product that falls outside of your current portfolio and would like to sell your intellectual property or raise new capital? Apply for funding and find the best partners for you.

Fast access to private funding.

Submit Your Project Information

Provide us with all your relevant research data, progress metrics, team information and funding needs.

  • If your project matches our criteria, we will help you  compile a promising investor pitch.
  • We will provide expert opinions from our advisor network that will support your funding request.

Determine Funding Terms

We will determine the specific funding terms together with you based on initial funder feedback to ensure that everyone is happy with the conditions.

  • Get access to the future upside of your innovation.
  • Remove IP management duties and create upfront cash payments for your associated academic institution.

Close Your Funding Round

We will prepare all required legal documents, host your fundraiser on our web platform and start syndicating the best funders for you.

  • We eliminate barriers and streamline the funding process through our platform.
  • Access to personalized research commissioning, funding and licensing frameworks.

Our Assessment Process

We provide an alternative route for fundraising for early-stage projects in therapeutics research. We assess every project in multiple steps before we decide to present it as a funding opportunity to our network of private investors. Core considerations for us are: current progress, patient need, commercialization potential and patent landscape. Fill in our screening questionnaire to get started.

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