COVID-19 Announcement: We are currently compiling a directory of researchers, organisations, and funders that develop therapeutics in the fight against COVID-19. Get in contact, tell us what you are working on and let us find the best partners for you.

We bring your research to patients.

Molecule provides the visibility and connections required to translate your discoveries into novel medicines. Publish your research project and get access to a large network of investors and industry partners that will help you advance your drug development projects.

Molecule unites academic scientists, industry experts, research partners and investors on a global platform. By increasing visibility and facilitating the right connections, we can speed up translational research and create more cost-effective proof of concepts for novel therapeutics.


Create Global Visibility

Present the results of your research to a global audience through our platform.

Find Partners & Financing

We connect you with funders and development partners that are interested in your research.

Move Your Innovation Forward

Unlock the full potential of your scientific breakthroughs and bring them closer to patients.


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