Fund The Next Therapeutic Breakthrough.

Fund cutting edge research projects and help bring more diverse treatments to patients.

Molecule connects private investors with scientists to bring more diverse treatments to patients.

Access To Unique Funding Opportunities

Our investors get exclusive access to carefully curated drug development research projects.

Streamlined Funding Process

Our platforms simplifies the funding process and allows anyone to fund the development of new therapeutics..

Fund Specific Therapeutics

Support the development of specific therapeutic products and not diverse patent portfolios.

Direct access to therapeutic innovations.

Discover Research Projects

Define your investment interests and discover related projects on our platform. Review all relevant information about the project, connect with our team and the lead researchers, and make an informed investment decision.

Invest In Intellectual Property

Invest in the underlying intellectual property by purchasing shares in a virtual spin off that commissions the research. Molecule handles all the administrative tasks and IP management duties.

Profit From Successful Exits

Receive royalty payments, fees from licensing deals or sell your IP shares upon successful exit.

Our Platform

Molecule presents interesting therapeutics-related investment opportunities in a fully digital environment. We syndicate funding through our platform and provide access to deals that are far beyond the reach of most private investors.

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